Folger & Burt provides a full schedule of finish hardware that can be included in the construction documents. Working from the building plans, specifications and meeting results, we draw up a complete and particular inventory of all hardware selections for each opening and each hardware group. We'll provide drawings and preliminary specifications as needed.

In showroom and site meetings, we collaborate with the designer on hardware selection, lock functions and the range of desired finishes. As the budget is established, we will propose alternative products, as necessary, to maintain control of the overall cost. We are religious about providing product samples and finish samples as a record of decisions made.

Our first responsibility to the Builder is to supply the information necessary for accurate machining of the doors for locks and hinges. We provide samples and/or templates for door prep and any of the specific requirements for proper installation that the Builder may be unfamiliar with. Efficiency in installation equals controlled labor costs. It is our job to ensure that the hardware comes to the job when needed; that it is packaged and identified per opening for ease of installation; and that we are available for any questions or trouble-shooting at any time before during or after installation.

We act as a guide through the full range of hardware options to a final choice that meets the owners' wishes, holds to the budget and fulfills their expectations. Our collaboration and cooperation with the project team is guaranteed.

Foundry workers, machinists, blacksmiths, patternmaker & finishers. We maintain close working relationships with our manufacturers who are chosen for their ability to produce work of the highest quality on time and to our satisfaction.