1. We encourage you to set up an appointment and come have an initial walk through at one of our showrooms to get a feel for what is right for your job.

2. Meet with your project manager with plans to review hardware selections in relation to the functional demands of the doors and filling in additional hardware items as necessary. With the initial hardware selections we then create a detailed hardware schedule with an inventory and description of all necessary parts.

3. In subsequent meetings we refine the schedule and reassess whether your choices fit the budget, leading to a complete quote for your review.

Once the quote is approved, we process your order and prepare the following supportive material:

- Lock templates and finish samples.
- Boring schedules and lock mock-up drawings for the door shop and jobsite.
- Parts can also be expedited as necessary for door construction, prep and hanging.

All of the ordered hardware is delivered to our main office and inspected upon receipt.

We supervise custom finishing of items as necessary and ensure final assembly.

The Hardware is then packaged and labeled per door, windows or cabinet, providing a complete set for installation.

When your order is received at the jobsite it should be opened and examined by the a staff member identified as responsible for control of the hardware. Any inconsistencies discovered or questions arising after delivery to the jobsite require our notification and direct discussion within ten days.

Follow Up: We attend to any questions or necessary changes immediately.

Site Visit & Assistance: No stranger to the jobsite, we are happy to provide answers to any questions about installation and to provide direct supervision as needed.

We are dedicated to delivering a high level of customer service. Contact us.