How We Work

We are guided by your vision. We listen in order to thoroughly understand each project’s architectural and interior design, colors, materials, scale, and the technical requirements. Preserving functionality, security, and durability without compromising aesthetics or losing sight of the budget is our goal. Knowing your goals allows us to effectively put our resources and expertise to work for you.

Meeting by appointment guarantees uninterrupted time to explore and discuss our collections. When needed, we work with a simple consulting contract to preserve the value of the foundation of our work – the completion of a full and accurate hardware schedule.

How we workPic.png

The schedule is a specific inventory and description of all necessary parts per door or window. Through our work and meetings the schedule is refined to ensure your choices fit the job scope and budget.

A complete quote and set of specifications is produced for your review.  Sample pieces are given to the design team and the door and window shops to provide design clarity and speed decision making.

Once a quote is approved, we put your order in motion and provide support materials for your builder and the door and window shops.

  • The full hardware schedule and set of specifications.

  • Lock templates and mock-up drawings for the door shop and the project team. Parts can also be expedited as necessary for door construction, prep and hanging.

Your hardware is inspected in detail when we receive it from the manufacturers. It is then packaged and labeled per door, windows or cabinet, as complete sets for installation in order to eliminate delays on the job site.

Once the hardware is on site, we coordinate with the installation team to answer any questions that may come up. We can provide direct supervision when requested.